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July 11, 2016

Keith FergusonKeith Ferguson, PMI’s Director of Quality Assurance, was recently chosen as Higher Achievement’s Mentor of the Year. “Mr. Keith”, as he’s known to his mentees, was selected by the organization for his dedication to the children and the program.  He was honored at the Green Apple awards ceremony in May.

“Being actively involved in Higher Achievement has given me the opportunity to give back to an area of the city in which I understand the struggles of the community”, Keith says. “This has allowed me to be able to have some credibility with the scholars because they understand that I am aware of their issues but yet still hold them accountable for their actions.

"It’s a rare day when things go as planned at Kramer Middle School but we have made tremendous progress with the kids and the community. It’s an opportunity to impact the lives of young people that have already been written off by society.”

Keith mentors at Kramer Middle School where PMI has supported the program for the past two years. 



Higher Achievement HeaderAs a continued effort in supporting the communities in which we do business, PMI has committed to another four years of supporting Higher Achievement and Kramer Middle School located in Ward 8.

Over the past two years, Kramer Middle School, through the Higher Achievement program, has made great strides in closing the opportunity gap for DC’s youth and PMI is proud to be a part of that.

The funds provided will go toward mentoring, after school, and summer programs targeted at 5th, 6th, and 7th graders who have made the proactive commitment to supplement their current education in order to ensure their best possible future.

“Our work together is advancing our community, paving the way for the scholars of today and those yet to walk through our doors. Thank you for seeing the passion, the joy, and the progress…We can’t do this work without supporters like you, so thank you to the PMI family for being champions of our work at Kramer…” –Sam Dodson, Center Director at Kramer

For more information on Higher Achievement and how to get involved, click here:



Higher Achievement Heaer

PMI just completed year one of a two year financial and resource commitment to the Kramer Middle School in Ward 8, through the non-profit Higher Achievement program.

Higher Achievement is a rigorous afterschool and summer program that provides year-round teaching via caring and involved role models that fosters character, confidence, and the necessary skills to succeed. The program was founded in 1975 in Washington, DC and today extends from Richmond to Pittsburgh. Higher Achievement is a champion of three principles: talent is everywhere, intellect is built through effort, and opportunities matter.

In partnership with Higher Achievement, PMI provided the funding to launch this educational initiative at Kramer. Several PMI employees provided individual mentoring to the underserved Ward 8 students. Many of the children are well below their expected grade level in reading and math skills. Mentors work with students individually or in pairs to shore up these core skills. The one-on-one work helps supplement the instruction the students receive during the day in the hopes they will meet and exceed the grade requirements.

PMI looks forward to year two with these students. The company’s efforts held to provide equal educational opportunities to all children.

For more information on Higher Achievement and how to get involved, click here.